21 May 2020
Audrey, one of our veterinary volunteers, shares how her time here has shown her the importance of Seeing Eye Dogs, and how she hopes she can use these learnings back in her home country.
20 May 2020
We chat with two more volunteers from Seeing Eye Dogs for National Volunteer Week 2020!
18 May 2020
As National Volunteer Week 2020 begins, we had a chat with two of our volunteers to let them share how and why they volunteer with us.
17 May 2020
Vision Australia kicks off National Volunteer Week 2020 with a special thank you video from our CEO Ron Hooton.
04 May 2020
Therese has suffered a number of losses in her life. But thanks to her incredible Seeing Eye Dog, Therese can now live a full life, with independence.
21 April 2020
Pippin, Seeing Eye Dog in training, takes on a new challenge as a stress relief dog at the Department of Health and Human Resources.
09 April 2020
Learn about some of the ways that Seeing Eye Dogs have pivoted to the Internet to keep business running as usual during the current COVID-19 period.
09 April 2020
Our tips to ensure that your family and your four-legged friend have a safe and fun Easter.
02 April 2020
Our expert veterinary staff are here to help inform you about dogs and their potential to carry COVID-19
25 February 2020
Cassie begins a new chapter in her life with Seeing Eye Dog Neesha by her side.