Meet Patricia, a first-time Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Carer

We embarked on this adventure as we didn't know if we were ready to have a pet dog in our lives yet. Puppy caring has let us experience this while doing something good in return. We’ve helped [our pup] through the start of his journey in order for him to enrich the life of someone who is blind or has low vision.

Vision Australia Seeing Eye dogs cover all the costs for food and vet treatments, plus supplies you with all the equipment you need. It was simply a no brainer to us!

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Our pups need the best start in life before formal training. Dedicated volunteers, the Butcher family, tell Channel 9 why they love being puppy carers for Seeing Eye Dogs.

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Can you take a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy to work? Can they live with other pets? What about in an apartment or rental? If you’ve got a question, we’ve got your answer on our FAQs.