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Animal welfare standards for Seeing Eye Dogs

Animal welfare is a priority and shared responsibility of everyone involved with the work we do at Seeing Eye Dogs. Staff, clients and volunteers are trained in ethical and effective handling of animals, to deliver positive outcomes for every dog in our care. 

We developed The Seeing Eye Dogs Animal Welfare Code under the three guiding principles: 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we train and play with our dogs. Seeing Eye Dogs are never forced into training or exercises. We use positive reward-based training and engaging activities to provide each dog the choice to work and play in an environment and way they will most enjoy.


We are committed to following modern best-practice models for animal welfare, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all Seeing Eye Dogs throughout their lives. 

The Five Domains model of animal welfare is widely recognised as achieving positive experiences and welfare outcomes in the five areas of nutrition, living environment, health and fitness, behavioural interactions, and mental state. 


Seeing Eye Dogs have meaningful connections with the people that care for them — from birth to retirement. By following best practices for welfare and education, we create comfortable environments and connect each dog to a role that suits them the most. This could be graduating as a working Seeing Eye Dog, another form of service or assistance, or becoming a much loved pet. 

Can I view the animal welfare code? 

To learn more about the Seeing Eye Dogs Animal Welfare Code and our guiding principles, you can download one of the following brochures:

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs Animal Welfare Code Brochure

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs Animal Welfare Code

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