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Rights of Seeing Eye Dog users

Under Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act 1992, it is illegal to deny service or discriminate against someone for using a Seeing Eye Dog. 

If you use a Seeing Eye Dog, you have the right for that dog to be with you in all public spaces and while taking public transport including taxi and rideshare vehicles. This right is protected under law and means that you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant, shop in all retail outlets and use any mode of transport with your dog by your side.

Rights of Seeing Eye Dogs puppies in training

Several states have extended legal protections to the people who accompany Seeing Eye Dogs puppies in training. As this is not covered in the federal law, our volunteer Puppy Carers are trained on their local legal rights. 

What to do if you have been refused service

If you have been refused access or service because you're in the company of your Seeing Eye Dog, you are being discriminated against and the offender can be penalised. 

Education is the best initial approach. Let the person or business know of your legal rights and their obligations. You may wish to speak to the owner or manager if applicable. If you are still denied service, you can report the discrimination to the police. 

If the person or business continues to deny you service, please contact Vision Australia's Advocacy Department at [email protected] or phone 1300 84 74 66 for further information and advice. 

We can discuss with you what other steps you might take, including making a formal disability discrimination complaint against the business through the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Seeing Eye Dogs are welcome everywhere

It’s illegal to discriminate against a person for using a Seeing Eye Dog 

Thank you for your support in making Seeing Eye Dogs welcome everywhere. You can contact us for further assistance or learn more about the importance of Seeing Eye Dogs etiquette and safe interactions here. 

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