01 May 2017
Join us at the Dog Lovers' Show in Melbourne this Friday through to Sunday.
30 March 2017
Share your favourite Seeing Eye Dog photo with us for a chance to win a $200 voucher and be featured in the 2018 Seeing Eye Dog Calendar.
23 March 2017
Our experts talk through some ticks and tricks for looking after your dog during big events.
22 March 2017
Seeing Eye Dogs puppies don't all go on to qualify, due to a number of reasons, but for Asha, he still has an important job to do.
22 March 2017
For Mitzi Raaphorst, the decision to use a Seeing Eye Dog was made easier by the fact she is a confessed “dog person”.
24 January 2018
Lilly kept kept the team in suspense for a couple of days but in the early hours of Monday morning she had a litter of nine healthy pups! (All were born naturally)
22 March 2017
Lucia lives in Sydney, married with a daughter and is a Remedial massage therapist.
24 January 2018
Seventy-two-year old Fred is a retired Minister of Religion, and lives with his wife, Adele, in Melbourne. He uses Seeing Eye Dog, Smartie
15 March 2017
If you went running with air plugs in and popped on some googles to obscure your vision, you’d get a taste of what it’s like to be Sophie Thomas.
24 January 2018
Would a fully grown seeing eye dog remember the couple that cared for him before his formal training, when he was just a pup?