03 May 2018
Tony Sarre’s life changed for the better even before he was paired with his new Seeing Eye Dog.
03 May 2018
With Seeing Eye Dog Rowan by her side, young mother Melissa Danher always has the confidence to head out into the world.
03 May 2018
An Australian-first research project about the effect assistance dogs have on the health and quality of life of a person living with younger onset dementia, and the wellbeing of those providing their care, is showing promising results.
05 October 2017
Could you care for a future Seeing Eye Dog?
14 May 2017
Krista was born blind and born to be a mother.
24 January 2018
Seeing Eye Dogs has welcomed another litter and is calling on Victorians and Queenslanders to become puppy carers.
01 May 2017
Join us at the Dog Lovers' Show in Melbourne this Friday through to Sunday.
30 March 2017
Share your favourite Seeing Eye Dog photo with us for a chance to win a $200 voucher and be featured in the 2018 Seeing Eye Dog Calendar.
23 March 2017
Our experts talk through some ticks and tricks for looking after your dog during big events.
22 March 2017
Seeing Eye Dogs puppies don't all go on to qualify, due to a number of reasons, but for Asha, he still has an important job to do.