15 July 2021
Damian, known to his mates as Damo, didn’t realise he was blind growing up. He did all the same things as his brother. It was only when he started school that the other kids asked questions. He went home and asked his parents, who told him he was born with low vision.
15 July 2021
These happy matches are thanks to you! Because of your kindness and generosity, these clever pups have now graduated as Seeing Eye Dogs and are ready to change their new handlers (aka mum and dad’s) life.
14 July 2021
Hi, I’m Gilbert. I’m training to be a Seeing Eye Dog.
Between 12 to 20 months, pups like Gilbert are assessed on their suitability to become a Seeing Eye Dog. They need to learn many new skills.
20 May 2021
A delegation from Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs recently descended on Canberra, taking the issue of access rights for Seeing Eye Dogs and other dog guides directly to Federal Parliament.
28 April 2021
Today is International Guide Dog Day, and we wanted to take that opportunity to shine a light on the amazing dogs that we train, and the equally amazing people we match them with.
26 April 2021
When 14-year-old Brisbane boy Ollie Fanshawe met his Seeing Eye Dog Sadie – he knew the long wait had been worth it.
23 April 2021
Have you ever wondered why people are wearing purple poppies on ANZAC Day? Find out here.
22 April 2021
After a career change, Rumer has gone on to make an incredible impact into the lives of ex-military technician Debra
11 February 2021
Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind are working together to ensure Canadian clients will have working dogs when they need them.
18 December 2020
Hurray and high-fives for our latest graduates. We can't wait to see the wonderful achievements these graduates and their humans make together!