07 July 2022
Seeing Eye Dogs are delighted to announce the selected names for NAIDOC Week 2022 as part of our “name a Seeing Eye Dogs pup” initiative.
17 May 2022
When Lynn Potter first applied for a Seeing Eye Dog, she was scared to leave the house.
27 April 2022
Forty-one handlers, aged 14-83, were paired with Seeing Eye Dogs over the past 12 months, and they were celebrated by way of a special graduation ceremony.
27 April 2022
Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs has marked International Guide Dog Day with special graduation event and issued a reminder of the need for access rights to be respected.
01 March 2022
Retired teacher Dave has lived with low vision for his whole life. When the remaining sight was lost in June 2021, he found himself limited to the local area he had memorised. With the help of Levi getting out and about is more than possible, it’s part of daily life.
28 January 2022
Getting to the footy to support the Saints is an important part of Denise’s life. The trip into Melbourne taking trains, escalators and navigating crowds of other supporters might be could be daunting if you are blind, but it’s made much easier with the help of a Seeing Eye Dog.
17 January 2022
‘Windsor’s given me my eyes back,” she said. "I am totally lost without a dog.”
21 December 2021
Our list of helpful hints to stay happy and safe this summer break.
26 November 2021
After months of not being able to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chris Edwards was back in the air this week – albeit with a new travel companion, Seeing Eye Dog Eva.
08 November 2021
Fear and apprehension had become part of Tony Tully’s everyday life, but being matched with Seeing Eye Dog Drummer has helped the Helensvale local overcome that.