18 December 2020
Hello! My name is Norris and I am so excited to be training to be a Seeing Eye Dog! I love my Carer, Rebecca, very much. I'm looking forward to living with her for a whole year.
17 December 2020
Move over, human Olympians. Four champion Seeing Eye Dogs pups-in-training took training and performance to the next level in our inaugural Puppy Games!
17 December 2020
Say hello to our latest (and cutest) arrivals. I'm sure you'll agree they will be PAW-fect Seeing Eye Dogs!
06 November 2020
Come and meet the newest members of the Seeing Eye Dogs family!
02 October 2020
We've had some new pups born this month that we'd like to introduce you to!
04 September 2020
Eleni has made history, becoming the first person in Australia to complete training with a Seeing Eye Dog via Zoom. 
23 June 2020
Toni is one of many kind people who have decided to leave a Gift in their Will for Seeing Eye Dogs.
23 June 2020
Leah had a long wait before she was finally matched with her Seeing Eye Dog Harlow, but now her life is transformed.
23 June 2020
These happy matches are thanks to you!
18 June 2020
Give a huge warm hello to our newest arrivals.
I think you’ll agree they’re set to be amazing Seeing Eye Dogs!