29 April 2016
A Seeing Eye Dog can be a much better option for some people who are blind or have low vision than a cane, but Seeing Eye Dogs aren’t suitable for everyone. Here is how we assess who will most benefit from having a dog guide.
08 April 2016
Diamond Valley contacted Seeing Eye Dogs Australia to find out if any released dogs may be suitable to join their school. Along came Faith.
04 April 2016
Not many Seeing Eye Dogs get the chance to spend time in the Big Brother House.
01 April 2016
Meet Terri and her Seeing Eye Dog, Farrow. The pair, who came together just four months ago, has already been off travelling up to Queensland. Read more about their special partnership here.
31 January 2018
Thanks to all who joined us this year at the annual Seeing Eye Dogs open day. It was a day full of activities for the kids and a day to learn more about this important service for people who are blind or have low vision.
23 March 2016
Leading experts are reminding dog owners that chocolate meant for human consumption is toxic to dogs. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Supervisor of Veterinary Services, Dr Nicola Cotton, said that although dogs find chocolate as delicious as humans it’s essential not to let them eat it.
29 January 2016
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) is thrilled to be hosting its annual public open day at its National Kennel and Puppy Centre in Kensington.
29 April 2015
People in the company of a Seeing Eye Dog puppy, dog in training or working dog, have a right of access to all public spaces and services. Vision Australia’s research shows that many people experience discrimination when out with a Seeing Eye Dog or puppy in public places.
11 March 2015
Today, a group of ten Labrador puppies, aged from 15 weeks to 14 months, got up close and personal with fire trucks at the Roma Street Fire Station in Brisbane. The event was one of the many socialisation activities the puppies experience at an early age, on their journey to becoming a fully trained Seeing Eye Dog.
28 October 2014
Kingston Beach resident Dale Reardon has a law degree and a businesses background but usually it is his companion Charlie who people want to know about first when he knocks on doors and asks for support in this month’s council elections.