02 March 2017
A Western Australian man has taken delivery of a new seeing eye dog – his fifth in the past 28 years.
24 January 2018
The Seeing Eye Dog puppy centre welcomed another five puppies to the eleven delivered last week, meaning 16 puppies will require volunteer carers from around eight weeks of age.
24 January 2018
The big litters have continued at Seeing Eye Dogs with the arrival of Pinky’s litter, who delivered 11 new pups by caesarean last night.
24 January 2018
We are looking for foster carers within the local community to care for seeing eye dogs at evenings and/or weekends. Come to our information evening, hear our clients stories and see how you can help us to make a difference.
13 January 2017
Luke, a seeing eye dog puppy, has received a visit from former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty at Seeing Eye Dogs before he begins his training. Luke was named after Rosie’s late son.
12 January 2017
The Seeing Eye Dogs/Vision Australia team has suffered a great loss this week with the passing of Leigh Garwood.
03 July 2016
A group of seven Labrador puppies, aged from eight weeks to 16 months, rode a CityCat for the first time on the Brisbane River.
26 May 2016
While many law firms do pro bono work, Holman Webb is going one step further in helping the community, having welcomed a Seeing Eye Dog into its Melbourne office.
24 May 2016
Sophie talks about the bond between her and her first Seeing Eye Dog, Yarra.
29 April 2016
A Seeing Eye Dog can be a much better option for some people who are blind or have low vision than a cane, but Seeing Eye Dogs aren’t suitable for everyone. Here is how we assess who will most benefit from having a dog guide.