23 October 2019
Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs clients have taken the chance to meet with Stephen Dawson, WA Minister for Environment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs to discuss the importance of Seeing Eye Dogs.
23 October 2019
Hailey is no longer reliant on other people to explore the great outdoors thanks to her Seeing Eye Do Orella.
09 September 2019
Read our statement regarding our new joint research project with Monash University.
05 September 2019
Meet some of the adorable pups that have been born at the Seeing Eye Dog Puppy Centre
04 September 2019
During an operation on her heart, Colleen Ashby developed an eye condition that left her with no central vision and only five per cent of her peripheral vision. By October 2017 she was on the waiting list for a Seeing Eye Dog, and in July 2018, she was matched with her Seeing Eye Dog, Xian.
29 August 2019
20 years ago, Jenny was in a terrible accident where she was hit by a train. She was scared and avoided using them for many years.
07 August 2019
Lucia and Aura are raising donations for Seeing Eye Dogs during their City2Surf run.
06 August 2019
Christine has had a difficult few years. She is not only losing her eyesight, but she has been struggling with her hearing, too. Like many women, Christine had faced violence at home in the past. Thanks to Yoshi, Christine no longer has to face her fears alone. Christine's story will inspire you!
01 August 2019
The Sydney Dog Lovers Show returns on August 3 and 4 with a weekend stuffed full of doggy goodness!
31 July 2019
Anne needs your vote now!!