01 August 2019
The Sydney Dog Lovers Show returns on August 3 and 4 with a weekend stuffed full of doggy goodness!
31 July 2019
Anne needs your vote now!! 

05 July 2019
Alan shares how having a Seeing Eye Dog has enabled him to be much more outgoing, and how that in turn affected his naming of a NAIDOC Week puppy.
05 July 2019
As NAIDOC Week continues, Brian shares his story about why Waratah was the perfect name for his NAIDOC Puppy.
05 July 2019
Kim shares her story of sight loss and finding hope with her new Seeing Eye Dog Raya, as well as the joys of naming a puppy as we honour NAIDOC Week.
28 June 2019
Five Victorian train stations are trialing relief areas specifically for assistance animals.
20 June 2019
Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs and Royal Canin are teaming up to promote Corporate Puppy Caring on Take Your Dog To Work Day 2019
18 June 2019
Pamela Barras, a woman with 2% eyesight, is helping to make sure that the upcoming new Western Australia Museum is as accessible as possible with the help of her Seeing Eye Dog Jock.
06 May 2019
The highlights from our Inaugural Puppyhood to Partnership event.
21 March 2019
From the age of eight weeks to approximately 16 months, puppies like Dylan live with carers who build the foundation for them to become Seeing Eye Dogs. Thank you for supporting their care and training.