09 October 2014
Loyal companion Mitchell is more than just a dog to Shepparton's Ron Murley he is also his eyes.
26 September 2014
There is no way to understand a person’s perspective other than to walk a mile in their shoes. Read more on this article by Ron Hooton, CEO of Vision Australia.
23 April 2014
Seeing Eye Dogs held its first public Open Day to celebrate the launch of its new, state-of-the-art Kennel and Puppy Centre in Kensington, Victoria.
14 January 2014
In the midst of summer, it's important to remember to keep your dog cool in the searing temperatures.
04 December 2013
The Seeing Eye Dogs Roadshow hit Vision Australia in Kensington, Victoria, on Tuesday 3 December, for an informative day for clients, staff and volunteers. The next SED roadshow visits Maroochydore QLD on Tuesday 10 December.
30 August 2013
Learn more about Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs.
15 August 2013
All family and friends are welcome.
14 August 2013
A Day I'll Remember, a story from the eyes of Connex, a Seeing Eye Dog.
21 May 2013
Jordan Carroll of Brisbane, has just been paired with his first ever seeing eye dog, Ekka. At just 16 years old, Jordan is Queensland’s youngest SEDA client and has already felt an increased sense of independence and freedom.
13 May 2013
Long-time Gosford resident Helen Murray volunteers with Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs because she loves to give and receive smiles.