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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Puppy Carer, please complete the application form below and submit to us.

Following receipt of your application form, we will be in contact shortly after to complete the next steps of the application process as outlined below. The application process takes approx. 2 weeks.

 Next steps:

  1. Initial Assessment Questions;
  2. External Risk Assessment Form;
  3. Statutory Declaration *If required;
  4. Working with Children check (WWCC) for Vic/NSW OR Blue Card For QLD;
  5. Police check;
  6. Property Inspection.

We breed and purchase puppies throughout the year so we have a consistent supply of dogs, if your application is successful the wait for a puppy is not long.

Please note: Seeing Eye Dogs reserves the right to determine where their puppies are placed and are under no obligation to disclose the reason why an application was declined.

Please fill in the online form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

To proceed with this application, all details must be of the Primary Puppy Carer only.

format dd/mm/yyyy

Your household. 

Do you own or rent your property?
If renting, do you have landlord approval to have a dog at your property?
Does the property have secure fencing?
Does your property have lockable gates?

Other pets.

Do you have any other pets?

Are/do they:

Vaccinated and Flea treated?

Employment status

Are you currently working?
Can a puppy go to work with you?

Puppy caring 

(E.g. Immediately, after specified date)
Do you have a preference for the dog’s age?
Are you aware that a puppy cannot be left alone for long periods of time? (approximately three hours maximum)
Are you aware that the puppy will need to sleep inside your home?
Have you been a citizen or permanent resident of a country/countries other than Australia since turning 16 years of age? (*If yes you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration)