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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Puppy Carer, please complete the application form below and submit to us.

To proceed with this application, all details must be of the Primary Puppy Carer only.

Qualification Questions (please ensure you can answer YES to the following)


Can you as the Primary Carer ensure that the puppy will NOT be left alone or with someone else for more than 3 hours a day? (mandatory)
Are you aware that the puppy MUST sleep inside? (mandatory)
Are you available to meet with the Puppy Development training staff and your puppy for regular 1 hour visits? (Staff will travel to you or meet in your local area during business hours, weekly & then monthly once the pup gets older) (mandatory)
Are you physically and mentally capable to walk a puppy on a daily basis? E.g. Taking the dog for regular walks, shopping centre visits, to cafés, on public transport, on socialisation trips and toileting? (mandatory)

If you answered YES to the above, we look forward to you completing the following application.

format dd/mm/yyyy

Emergency contacts.

Your household. 

Property type
Do you own or rent your property?
If renting, do you have landlord approval to have a dog at your property?
Does the property have a secure outdoor area?

Other pets.

Do you have any dogs in your household? (if you have 2 dogs already please check with your local council if having a 3rd dog is permitted – you may have to apply for a permit).
Are they vaccinated and flea treated?
Do they live indoors?
If yes, is your current dog/s desexed?
If not desexed, is your dog?
Do you have any other pets?

Employment status

Your current employment status
Can a puppy go to work with you?

Puppy caring 

(E.g. Immediately, after specified date)
Do you have a preference for the dog’s age?
How did you hear about us?
Are you aware that a puppy cannot be left alone for long periods of time? (approximately three hours maximum)
Have you been a citizen or permanent resident of a country/countries other than Australia since turning 16 years of age? (*If yes you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration)