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Love puppies? Could you care for a future Seeing Eye Dog in 2019?

“It’s absolutely rewarding. You see a puppy and it makes you proud to know that later on they’re going to help somebody and help them achieve their life dreams.”

Meet Dina: Seeing Eye Dogs repeat puppy carer for 3 years

What is the Puppy Carer program?

The Puppy Carer program offers either full-time (12-15 months) or 6 month caring options.

Your role as a carer is to provide a safe space, nurture and socialise the puppy. Seeing Eye Dogs covers all expenses including equipment, food, vet costs, puppy health care and training.

As a puppy carer, you will receive support and guidance from the Seeing Eye Dogs team who will spend time with you to assess your needs to determine the best caring option.

Corporate Puppy Carer program

Seeing Eye Dogs encourage organisations to support us as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. We make it easy for employees to become puppy carers and to care for a puppy in the workplace.

The Corporate Puppy Carer program can enhance your organisation’s staff well-being and morale. We offer fully supported co-caring and individual carer programs and can help with a puppy caring workplace policy and risk assessment for your organisation.

What is a Puppy Carer information session?

Come and meet our puppies and learn from Seeing Eye Dogs staff and other carers how you can play an important role supporting someone who is blind or has low vision.

Find out how rewarding it is to become a puppy carer. Register below.

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