Young man cuddles Golden Retriever Seeing Eye Dog Sadie
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You can help train a future Seeing Eye Dog like Sadie.

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Help transform more pups like Hector into Seeing Eye Dogs

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Seeing Eye Dog puppies look up to the camera. A black Labrador and 2 yellow Labradors
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Meet our Seeing Eye Dogs pups at Southern Cross train station in Melbourne

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Lucky Puppy Lottery Grand Prize Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or $30,000 cash. Image of a car and two young Seeing Eye Dog puppies
Grand prize: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, or $30,000 Cash?

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Young golden Labrador Seeing Eye Dog puppy being cradled in a person's arms
Seeing Eye Dogs puppy caring open in new areas!

Help raise a puppy that could go on to be an invaluable part of someone’s life who is blind, or has low vision.

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Seeing eye dogs

For the right person, getting a Seeing Eye Dog can have a huge and positive impact on the quality of their life.

Puppy carers needed

puppy carears needed

Do you love dogs? Why not become a puppy carer? Seeing Eye Dogs are urgently seeking loving homes for puppies in your area.

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