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We are committed to all our dogs receiving the highest level of care regarding their nutrition, health, and environment.


All our dogs receive regular grooming, health care, and nutrition that meets their individual needs. This includes:

  • regular grooming and nail trimming to maintain a healthy condition,
  • expert routine health checks, and timely veterinary care if unwell,
  • preventative health care as recommended by their treating veterinarian including: worming preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, and vaccinations appropriate for the dog’s life stage,
  • a nutritionally balanced diet that meets the age, health, and reproductive stage of the dog, and
  • a balanced and healthy diet, and fresh drinking water.

All our dogs in our breeding program are:

  • supported by experienced veterinarians with professional expertise in canine reproduction,
  • carefully selected based on their health, temperament, and the future needs of our clients, and
  • given the very best care from our breeding team who are guided by external experts to remain up-to-date with current best practices.


All our dogs are housed in safe, secure, clean, and comfortable spaces including homes, training vans, and kennels. These spaces:

  • are temperature controlled and/or monitored,
  • are regularly cleaned,
  • provide access to water and space to rest,
  • provide dogs with the opportunity to move around and rest comfortably, and
  • are free from potential hazards.

As part of formal training, Seeing Eye Dogs are often transported in specially designed Seeing Eye Dogs training vans. The temperatures in training vans are monitored with thermometers to ensure our dogs’ safety and health at all times. Our dogs are also provided with water and are regularly checked by staff and/or volunteers.

Holistic care

Many elements work together to support a dog’s welfare.

Providing care that considers the interaction of multiple factors such as the dog’s environment, nutrition, age, social interactions, and health allows us to maintain higher welfare standards.

All clients, volunteers, and staff who care for our dogs will:

  • check and monitor a dog's health and body condition,
  • provide everyday care to our dogs with minimal stress,
  • recognise signs of when a dog may be distressed or unwell,
  • respond to each dog’s mental and physical needs, and
  • know what to do in a medical emergency.


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