Meet Mark Wilczynski: Seeing Eye Dogs puppy development trainer

17 January 2023

Puppy carers play a vital role in the training and development of Seeing Eye Dogs, but that wouldn’t be possible without the work of people like Mark Wilczynski.

Mark is a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy development trainer based in Queensland, ensuring that puppy carers in north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have the support they need.

Mark recently joined Vision Australia Radio’s Seeing Eye Dogs Show to explain his role and how he came to be part of the Seeing Eye Dogs’ team.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role, including participation in various breeding and puppy development programs.

“Much of my experience is from the detector dog industry as a trainer, instructor and technical project manager with various government and government-sponsored programs,” Mark said.

Mark joined the Seeing Eye Dogs team in June of 2022, and his work sees him travelling between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast on a regular basis.

“I’m responsible for supporting our volunteer recruitment process, as well as training and supervising puppy carers.”

Prior experience isn’t required to become a puppy carer.

“We help support you along the way.”

As a puppy development trainer, Mark values the opportunity to watch puppies grow into their future roles.

“Whatever their destination, it’s very important to us that all our pups go on to lead enriching lives.”

You can listen to Mark's full interview online or on the player below:

Seeing Eye Dogs is always on the lookout for puppy carers. Find out how you could become a puppy carer today