A letter from Lucia

When I lost my sight, my world grew darker. 

As well as losing my vision, I started to lose my freedom, confidence and independence too. 

I was becoming more withdrawn and not wanting to go anywhere. As my sight faded so did my confidence.

I felt uncertain and scared, and I lost myself – both physically and mentally. 

It all deteriorated very quickly. 

I was used to being very independent, and losing my sight was incredibly difficult and really, really scary.

At first, it meant I needed a bit more help, but to be honest I didn’t like having to rely on others.

Things got darker and darker every day.

The little I could see was getting more and more distant. Even simple tasks became difficult, like walking around or cooking at home.

Although I had wonderful support from family and friends, it simply wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to feel like a burden on others.

It was a downhill spiral of sadness and frustration, but most of all - I felt completely isolated. I didn’t even want to leave the house.

But everything changed when I was matched with my incredible Seeing Eye Dog, Aura.

And it is all thanks to generous people like you, that I was able to receive a life-changing Seeing Eye Dog. 

I no longer felt trapped in a dark place. 

My confidence returned, and I now have hope for the exciting future ahead of me.

Our personalities matched so well. We walk at the same fast pace and she loves being outside like me - she understands my needs almost instinctively. 

People are always amazed at how clever Aura is. When the harness is off, she’s just a normal dog, but when it’s on, she instantly changes into work mode and wow… she’s a real superhero. 

She guides and supports me and helps me navigate obstacles as I walk around my neighbourhood. She helps me to cross the road safely, to catch public transport, and so much more. She’s truly amazing!

My family adores her too and she is a big part of our family. One time, when my daughter was crying, Aura went straight over and gave her a cuddle. She’s so beautiful and sensitive like that.

I now feel so much more confident and happier with Aura by my side – and it’s all thanks to the kindness of people like you.

With limited government funding, people who are blind or have low vision like me are counting on your help to raise the funds needed to care for and train more Seeing Eye Dogs like Aura.

Your gift will help transform lives.