August 2021

Free webinar

‘The what, why and how of a Seeing Eye Dogs client experience.’


Curious about what it is like to have a Seeing Eye Dog or wanting to learn more about others experiences?

Join us for an in-depth session on 'The what, why and how of a Seeing Eye Dogs client experience'.

Hear, learn and discuss about what to expect as a Seeing Eye Dogs client and how it can be a positive life changing experience having a dog guide

Date: Thursday August 26, 2021

Duration: one hour

Start time in your local time zone:

  • Melbourne - 6.30pm AEST
  • Sydney - 6.30pm AEST
  • Brisbane - 6.30pm AEST
  • Hobart - 6.30pm AEST
  • Canberra - 6.30pm AEST
  • Adelaide - 6.00pm AEST
  • Darwin - 6.00pm AEST
  • Perth - 4.30pm AEST

All are welcome!

Please join us: Register here

RSVP: Monday August 23, 2021


Feel free to contact us via email at SEDClients@visionaustralia.org or call 1300 84 74 66 for additional assistance or information on our webinars, telehealth series or Seeing Eye Dogs programs.

Previous webinars

June 2021

June 24, 2021 ‘Transitioning to your successor Seeing Eye Dog – useful information and support services’ with Seeing Eye Dogs Instructor Brooke Anderson and Regional Client Services Manager/Counsellor Kendra Wells.

Download fact sheets from the June webinar:

  1. Lifeline fact sheet: grief and loss (Word)
  2. Beyond Blue fact sheet: grief and loss (Word)
  3. Relationships with pets (Word)


March 2021

March 24, 2021 ‘Seeing Eye Dogs Mobility - commonly asked questions explained’ with an experienced Seeing Eye Dogs instructor and client.

November 2020

November 26, 2020 ‘Paws to Meditate – benefits to you, your dog guide or animal companion’ with presenter Stacey Anderson, Kennel Attendant and Meditation Teacher.

October 2020

October 1, 2020 All Things Dog Guide Mobility and Assistive Technology with Vision Australia’s National Access Technology Manager and Seeing Eye Dog user, Damian McMorrow.