Breeding program

female golden reteiver sitting with three young puppies

The Seeing Eye Dog breeding program is considered one of the most important processes of successfully producing high quality, healthy and intelligent working dogs. With genetically sound and proven breeding dogs, everything that follows (puppy production and dog training) is built upon a solid foundation.

The breeding program at Seeing Eye Dogs aims to produce healthy, calm and intelligent dogs. Seeing Eye Dogs are also required to be confident and cope with the pressures of busy crowded environments and not become distracted by other dogs, people and food.

Seeing Eye Dogs produce this type of dog by selecting the very best dogs for its breeding program. These specially selected breeding dogs will produce puppies that have inherited the desirable qualities and characteristics including good health that is present in their parent’s.

young golden reteiver puppies on grass running after their mother

Dogs are only considered for the breeding program if they pass all aspects of the breeding stock assessment. This comprehensive assessment involves a full health check which is conducted by our Veterinarian to ensure it has no underlying conditions that may be passed onto its progeny.

As part of the assessment the dog is also X-rayed (hip and elbows) and its DNA profile is undertaken because some heredity conditions can be identified using DNA testing. The dogs are also assessed by an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to ensure they have perfect vision. Before any dog is accepted it spends a week having its temperament carefully analysed in different situations and environments to ensure it remains relaxed and confident. 

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia specialises in Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and a cross using both these popular breeds. Our Labradors come in three colours, yellow (cream-white), black and chocolate. While Labradors remain the most popular breed throughout the world, the Labrador cross Golden Retriever is becoming very popular and successful working dog.

labrador sitting white background

Clients are all different and have different lifestyles and live in different circumstances which makes selecting the correct dog that will fit in and match their lifestyle all the more important.

Our Labradors & Golden Retrievers and their “crosses” provide us with a great choice of size and colour and importantly “dog type” (personality) that enables us to match our dogs with our clients and find that perfect match.   

Our broods have their first litter between the age of 18 and 24 months and they have a maximum of four litters before they are retired from the breeding program.  We always wait 12 months between each litter. Most of our broods have retired from the breeding program before they are six years old. In order to maintain genetic diversity within our breeding stock Seeing Eye Dogs imports frozen semen from proven stud dogs from other schools around the world.