‘Kuma opened up my world.’

Brittee is smiling and patting her black Labrador Seeing Eye Dog, on a balcony with urban views


When Brittnee woke up blind one morning, her career, independence and confidence were shattered. She was only 22.

She’d been loving life as a hairdresser, with her own place and a new relationship.

In no time at all, she could no longer work, no longer drive, and could barely leave the house without her mum or partner to help.

We urgently need your help to train more Seeing Eye Dogs to open up the world for people like Brittnee. Please, will you give generously this Christmas?

It was a December evening when Brittnee received a call to say she’d been matched with Seeing Eye Dog Kuma. It felt like a Christmas miracle.

Kuma’s Christmas magic opened up a world of joy and opportunity for Brittnee, as well as for her partner and young stepson.

‘Having a Seeing Eye Dog opened my world to a whole heap of new and different things. She’s amazing.’ – Brittnee

With Kuma by her side, Brittnee was able to say Yes! to a full time job that involved commuting to the other side of the city. She could say Yes! to fun outings. She could say Yes! to everything life has to offer a bright, ambitious young woman.

Too many people who are blind or have low vision are still waiting for the Seeing Eye Dog who will open up their world. We need your help to train more Seeing Eye Dogs like Kuma.

Please give generously this Christmas.


Your gift will help transform lives.