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Ageing Seeing Eye Dogs and the transition to a successor dog guide

Free webinar: Thursday 27 October 2022

This Seeing Eye Dogs webinar will focus on ageing Seeing Eye Dogs and the transition to a successor dog guide.

It will cover what to expect when commencing the transition process, with tips from a handler who has gone through this process before. They will share their personal experience and tips they used for themselves to make the process a little easier.

The topic is specifically targeted to dog guide handlers however all are welcome to find out more about this important topic.

Please share this event amongst the networks as we welcome everyone to attend.

Date: Thursday October 27, 2022

Duration: one hour

Start time in your local time zone:

  • Melbourne - 6.30pm AEDT
  • Sydney - 6.30pm AEDT
  • Brisbane - 5.30pm AEST
  • Hobart - 6.30pm AEST
  • Canberra - 6.30pm AEDT
  • Adelaide - 6.00pm ACDT
  • Darwin - 5.00pm ACST
  • Perth - 3.30pm AWST

All are welcome!

Register for the webinar:

RSVP by: Tuesday 25 October 2022

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