Seeing Eye Dogs program

World-class Seeing Eye Dogs

Seeing Eye Dogs develop and maintain innovative, high quality dog guide services valued by people who are blind or have low
vision. Seeing Eye Dogs is the only national breeder, trainer and provider of dog guides.

A Seeing Eye Dogs journey to success

Breeding and health: The dogs with the highest quality health and temperament are selected to produce the future generations
of Seeing Eye Dogs. The Seeing Eye Dogs Vet team maintain and monitor the health of the pups and dogs throughout their

Puppy Development: The pups spend the first eight weeks of their lives in the puppy centre. Then, volunteer carers will raise
them for the next 12 months under the guidance of a Puppy Development Trainer.

Training: After reaching approximately 12 months of age, dogs undertake an advanced training program lasting
approximately five months. This rigorous training ensures the dogs can safely guide their future partners.

Matching: Instructors work closely with clients on the waiting list in order to match the right dog with the right person.
Instructors stay in regular contact with clients so they can continue working safely and successfully with their dog.

Retirement: A Seeing Eye Dog’s average working life is eight years. Before a dog’s retirement, our team supports the client to
plan their next steps.

Internationally accredited, Seeing Eye Dogs is a member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) and
Assistance Dogs International.