Jen Nickols and Seeing Eye Dog Nellie take on Bay of Fires together

12 August 2022

The Seeing Eye Dogs: Bay of Fires Adventure is raising funds to breed, raise and train Seeing Eye Dogs to bring independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

Participants will be giving their all along 50 kilometres of stunning coastline and untamed beauty of Tasmania's Bay of Fires, all to help the cause.

No one has a better connection to the mission of Seeing Eye Dogs than someone who has experienced the benefits of dog guide mobility in their own life.

Jen Nickols from Tasmania, along with her Seeing Eye Dog Nellie, is undertaking the trek and the team is training hard.

"Jen and Seeing Eye Dog Nellie sitting in a garden, looking into each others eyes."
Jen and Seeing Eye Dog Nellie sitting in a garden, looking into each others eyes.

This trek will include some different obstacles and hazards that Jen and Nellie will navigate together.

All in the name of helping to fund more partnerships like theirs.

It wasn’t something that Jen would have considered doing before Nellie, but the little black lab has given her the confidence to take on the beautiful Bay of Fires in Tasmania.


Stream the podcast of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show to hear about Jen’s story, and the special training that Jen and Nellie are doing to prepare.

To support Jen and Nellie on their adventure, you can make a donation on Jen’s Bay of Fires fundraising page. Funds raised from the Bay of Fires Adventure will help support Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs to care for and train pups to become future inspirational guiding companions to someone who is blind or has low vision.