Meet a Seeing Eye Dog puppy carer: Georgina

05 August 2022

Georgina is an eight-time puppy carer, so far! She lives in Bendigo.


Why did you want to become a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy carer?

I was at a point where both my daughters were at school and I had time on my hands, when I heard the advertisement on the local radio.

What support do you receive from Seeing Eye Dogs?

I get lots of support from my puppy development trainer Brit, and also the staff at Seeing Eye Dogs in Kensington. They answer any questions or any challenges that might arise during the time you are caring for a pup.

What do you love about being a puppy carer?

 love watching and caring for a for a pup as they develop into a fully-grown dog and hopefully guide someone in their daily life.

What is the training like?

The training is very hands on, as well very rewarding.

What is it like having the puppy in your home?

I can’t tell a lie, there is lots of cuddles (which are the best), sometimes quiet times (when the pup is having a sleep) and sometimes crazy times.


"Georgina sitting next to a fully grown yellow Seeing Eye Dog with a black Seeing Eye Dog sat in her lap."
Georgina sitting next to a fully grown yellow Seeing Eye Dog with a black Seeing Eye Dog sat in her lap.


How do you incorporate the pup into your social life?

The pup goes everywhere with me, to the shops, supermarket, travelling on public transport and to appointments.

What has the puppy caring journey been like so far?

The journey of puppy caring has been an emotional and rewarding one, mostly happy and sometimes sad.

How much does it cost the carer to raise a pup?

The cost can be made up in love and cuddles. You cannot put a price on happiness.

How hard will it be to give the pup back?

Yes, it is hard to give the pup, but I look at this way, the pup is going to help someone one day in their everyday life.

Would you become a puppy carer again?

When do I get my next puppy to love? As it was when I wrote this, I had pup number eight Grover curled up on my feet.


For more information about puppy caring, including how to register to become one, click HERE.