NAIDOC Week 2022: Seeing Eye Dogs harnesses to be equipped with Reconciliation Action Plan artwork

08 July 2022

To coincide with NAIDOC Week July 3 – 10 2022, all graduating Seeing Eye Dogs will now have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) badge attached to their harnesses. Our young pups will also progressively have these badges added to their puppy coats.

Developing the RAP badges has been a project to continue Vision Australia’s commitment to its RAP plan to create more presence in community through our working dogs.

Holly McLennan-Brown was commissioned to develop the artwork to accompany our Reconciliation Action Plan. This artwork, rolled out last year, is extending our story telling about what we do and our connection to the community.

"A Seeing Eye Dogs jacket with the Reconciliation Action Plan artwork attached."
A Seeing Eye Dogs jacket with the Reconciliation Action Plan artwork attached.

Holly is a 23-year-old contemporary Aboriginal artist who has always had a passion for creativity. She is a proud Yorta Yorta woman. Her aim is to inspire education and progressive conversations through her artwork.

Her personality shines through her artwork, proudly displaying her connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs are honoured to work with Holly and to launch the RAP badges during NAIDOC Week 2022.


You can learn about Vision Australia's Reconciliation Action Plan here and learn more about Holly McLennan-Brown here.