Welcome to the world Puppies!

19 December 2019

Our first litter was born on 2 January 2019, delivered by Halo, a yellow Labrador and sired with Isaac (black Labrador).

A total of three pups, Liam, Luigi, Laika, delivered by C-section consisting of one yellow male, one black male and one black female.

This is Halo's first litter, she has learned the ropes of mothering and is now doing it very well without any assistance. Her pups are doing exceptionally well and making huge gains every day.

[Image of Halo feeding her three pups]

In March 2019 Chilli delivered 10 new puppies. Sired by Addy and Manny, the new litter consists of five black males, one yellow male, two yellow females, and two black females.

  • DOB: 23/3/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Chilli Sire: Manny
  • Micky, Manuel, Manu, Hector, Mini, Mario, Missy, Marcy, Kora, Miguel

[Image of Chilli feeding her ten new puppies]

Cara and Redmond welcomed the arrival of their five puppies on Wednesday 1 May 2019.

Delivered by caesarean section, we welcomed one female yellow Labrador pup and four male yellow Labrador pups.

  • DOB: 1/5/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Cara Sire: Redmond
  • Pepper, Pippin, Pluto, Irie, Prince

[Image of proud new mum, Cara feeding her five puppies]

Dulcie, a yellow Labrador, has delivered five new puppies in May 2019. Sired by Wizard a black Labrador/ Golden cross, the litter are doing well.

The litter consists of three yellow and two black Labrador cross puppies. This was Dulcie's first time and she is mastered the mothering role amazingly well.

  • DOB: 22/5/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Dulcie Sire: Wizard
  • Na’ra, Quentin, Waratah, Minaaka, Questa

[Image of Dulcie feeding her five new puppies]

Flick, a Golden Retriever, gave birth naturally to 11 puppies on 30 may 2019. The pups are sired by Quazi who is a black Labrador.

Her litter consists of three yellow females, four black females, two black males and two yellow males named Scout, Sherry, Spike, Skipper, Spicer, Sadie, Saffy, Sancho, Sparky and Sherlock.

[Image of Flick feeding her 11 puppies]

Dodi, a black Labrador x Golden female and Enrico a black Labrador x Golden male welcomed seven puppies.

The litter consisted of four black females and three black males. 

Dodi gave birth naturally however needed help with a C-section for the last few pups.

As a first time mother, Dodi has taken to caring for them instantly and you can see the pride on her face, she and her pups are thriving. 

  • DOB: 8/6/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Dodi Sire: Enrico
  • Topaz, Treena, Tito, Twiggy, Tully, Tango, Tracker

[Image of Dodi and Enrico's litter with a proud Dodi and her seven pups feeding]

Carmel, a yellow Labrador had her litter arrive the same day as April. The pups are sired by Clancy, also a yellow Labrador resulting in four little yellow future Seeing Eye Dogs.

This was Carmels first litter, and she whelped naturally. Both mum and pups are doing well, with Carmel proving to be a natural.

  • DOB: 22/6/19 Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Dam: Carmel Sire: Clancy
  • Uma, Ulyssa, Ulrick, Usman

[Image of April feeding her four little yellow pups]

April, a black Labrador, has delivered a litter of seven pups.

They arrived via c-section that was performed at SED HQ on the 22 June. They were sired by Fagan.

The litter consists of three black males and four black females.

As an experienced mother, April is ensuring her pups are thriving.

The picture below shows a very proud mamma and her brood.

  • DOB: 22/6/19 Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Dam: April Sire: Fagan
  • Velma, Vonda, Violet, Vessa, Virgil, Vincent, Victor

Giselle, a chocolate Labrador and Willard a yellow Labrador have welcomed the arrival of their five puppies.

Delivered naturally, the pups arrived on Tuesday 24 June 2019.

The litter consists of three black females and two black males.

  • DOB: 24/6/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Giselle Sire: Wizard
  • Winnie, Wooley, Washi, Walter, Wallace

[Image of Giselle feeding her five new pups]

Suki, a Golden Retriever, has given birth naturally to four pups on Tuesday 23 July. 

We have two yellow females and two yellow males.

The new litter is sired by Wilson a yellow Labrador. 

Suki is a first time mother and is doing very well, as are her new pups!

  • DOB: 23/7/19 Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever
  • Dam: Suki Sire: Wilson
  • Xavier, Xander, Xandi, Xylah

[Image of Suki feeding her gorgeous little new pups]