Preparing for the holiday period

21 December 2021

Our staff at Seeing Eye Dogs have compiled the below tips to ensure that you and your dog stay happy and safe during the summer break period.


This season can pose extra dangers for our dogs and pups so please be vigilant and make sure you keep an eye on what they are up to. Foods that might not be seen at other times of the year can be very bad for pups if ingested such as chocolate and fruit cake. Christmas decorations, toys and batteries can also be a temptation.

Make sure you monitor your dog and your pup and know where they are and what they are up to if you have family staying at Christmas time.  Keep their diet the same as normal to avoid upset stomachs.


There will be more fireworks than usual during this period.  Kindly ensure that your dog or pup is kept safely indoors.

Warmer weather

Although the warmer weather may be your cup of tea, please remember that our four-legged friends can overheat and quickly dehydrate. Below is a video detailing what to keep an eye out for to prevent your dog from getting heatstroke. You'll find more information in our in-depth article about heatstroke here.