Little Norris takes on the world

18 December 2020
Hello! My name is Norris and I am so excited to be training to be a Seeing Eye Dog! I love my Carer, Rebecca, very much. I'm looking forward to living with her for a whole year.

From the age of eight weeks to 12 months, puppies like Norris live with Carers who build the foundations for them to become Seeing Eye Dogs.
Here's me at seven weeks of age, aren't I cute? This is when I met Rebecca for the first time!

Brown Labrador puppy Norris

Phew! Meeting Rebecca was great fun, but now I'm dreaming about our exciting adventures ahead.

Puppy Norris asleep on the floor

Look at me sitting beautifully in my official puppy coat! I feel really special and proud.

Norris sitting in his Seeing Eye Dog training vest

Work time, play time, rest time, repeat. Here I am with my favourite toy, Mr Croc. We are the same size!

Norris is lying on his back on a towel in the garden

I'm very calm and well behaved when Rebecca is driving. I like riding in the car because I know we are going on an adventure!

Norris asleep in the footwell of the car

Supermarkets are full of exciting sights and smells, but I quickly learnt to ignore distractions.

Norris in the supermarket wearing his Seeing Eye Dog training vest

Rebecca went to the dentist on the TRAM! I was quiet, calm and very well behaved.

Norris sitting in the tram wearing his Seeing Eye Dog training vest

Did you know I'm an athlete already? I won a Silver Medal in the Puppy Games. Rebecca is my biggest fan. Go Team Norris!

Rebecca and Norris

Training makes me hungry! But I have learnt to sit by my bowl without eating until Rebecca blows a special whistle three times.

Norris sitting next to his food bowl

I've learnt to walk in a straight line just ahead of my Carer. I am learning how to keep my human safe on stairs. We practise by stepping over the gardening tools at home.

After this important training and development stage, puppies are assessed as to whether they have mastered basic obedience.

Only the best of the best can progress to formal training with Seeing Eye Dogs.

Thank you for your life-changing support to help care for and train puppies to become Seeing Eye Dogs.