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6 months  (DOB 14/06/2021)




Male (desexed)




Petey is not continuing on his journey to become a Seeing Eye Dog as he doesn’t have the right qualities for a working dog.
Petey is a very enthusiastic and affectionate young Labrador. He is very eager to please but struggles to know what behaviours are expected of him. He would do well with continued training in the right household.

Petey will be much better suited to the life of a pet. He would happily spend all day being patted as he loves affection.
He also loves a sleep!

Pete walks in a harness and sleep on a dog bed as opposed to a crate where he can become restless.
It is expected that Petey will take some time to settle in to his new routine. He will need very clear consistent boundaries and expectations to ease him into his new life.
Petey is notorious for stealing household items and swallowing or chewing  them. This needs to be carefully monitored by his new owners.
We would recommend a house with young kids does not apply as Petey would love to thieve toys and kids socks!

Petey is very social and has spent a lot of time in his foster carers house with several other large pet dogs.
On walks Petey is
very interested in other dogs, and will sometimes bark and pull but he just wants to play. He is very easily managed with food distraction and voice.

Petey is not the kind of dog that will do well being kept outdoors on his own. He will decide to landscape your garden free of charge. 

Petey is available for adoption to applicants within driving distance of Kensington, Melbourne.



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