The Seeing Eye Dogs Show: What it's like to work in the kennels

05 October 2018

Presented by Kennel Attendant and actor Cam Faull, the Seeing Eye Dogs Show, broadcast on Vision Australia Radio, is your guide to the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs.

Broadcast fortnightly, the show will also bring you all of the latest in dog health, puppy and foster caring, interviews with experts and more.

On the latest edition, Cam is joined by Sarah McCall, SED Kennel and Puppy Centre Attendant, for a chat about what it’s like to work in the kennels at SED HQ.

“We have a very awesome, busy and rewarding role. I feel sometimes that we’re the glue that holds all of the different departments together at Seeing Eye Dogs,” Sarah said.

“We really get to fulfil the dog’s lives in a beautiful way. We sort of look after the dogs that are housed when they’re puppies, when they come into have a bit of a holiday from their puppy raiser and we’re also their caring for the dogs when they’re in their training program,” she said.

As she spends her days working with a range of dogs, Sarah also passes on some advice for dog owners, new and experienced, about how to best care for their dogs.

You can listen to or download the latest edition of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show here, or on the player below: