The Seeing Eye Dogs Show: Puppy Training

17 October 2018

Presented by Kennel Attendant and actor Cam Faull, the Seeing Eye Dogs Show, broadcast on Vision Australia Radio, is your guide to the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs.

Broadcast fortnightly, the show will also bring you all of the latest in dog health, puppy and foster caring, interviews with experts and more.

On the latest edition, Cam is joined by Mark Jackson, SED Senior Puppy Trainer, for a chat about what it’s like to work with SED puppies and puppy carers.

“I’m one of the Senior Puppy Trainers, as well as organising things that happen around pup development I do what all the other puppy trainers do and place pups with volunteers out in the community and train volunteers to train the puppy to prepare it to become a Seeing Eye Dog,” Mark said.

“There’s a list of skills that we’re after, but things can go up and down. I try not put an exact progression on somethings, they [the puppies] can certainly learn things quite quickly, but then it’s a matter of them doing that in different environments and under distraction,” he said.

“We’ve got a skill set that we’re always working on, but some things go up and down and we’re always tweaking it.”

Interested in being an SED puppy carer and supporting Mark's work to train Seeing Eye Dogs? Find out more here

You can listen to or download the latest edition of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show here, or on the player below: