Seeing Eye Dogs Show: Life as an SED carer

29 October 2018

Presented by Kennel Attendant and actor Cam Faull, the Seeing Eye Dogs Show, broadcast on Vision Australia Radio, is your guide to the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs.

Broadcast fortnightly, the show will also bring you all of the latest in dog health, puppy and foster caring, interviews with experts and more.

On the latest edition, Cam is joined by Harriett Moffat for a chat about caring for SED dogs and volunteering at SED in general. .

After starting out as volunteer in kennels, Harriet has gone one to care for more than 20 dogs as an SED carer.

I started off as kennels volunteer and then I thought ‘these dogs are pretty cool’ and that I could take one home,” Harriett said.  

“If I’m counting more than a weekend I’ve probably cared for over 20. It’s probably over 25 if I’m including a night or two, but a few of these have been a month or two. I’ve had all different lengths of time,” she said.

While caring for a range of different dogs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Harriet said she enjoys the variety.

I think the most interesting thing about caring is that it really depends on the dog. One of the things I like the most about having a variety of dogs is they have different personalities,” she said.

“I’ve had a lot of different dogs and there are some that you really don’t need to worry about, they’re going to handle all situations and other need a bit more support.”

You can listen to or download the latest edition of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show here, or on the player below: