The Seeing Eye Dogs Show: Life as a breeder carer

17 October 2018

Presented by Kennel Attendant and actor Cam Faull, the Seeing Eye Dogs Show, broadcast on Vision Australia Radio, is your guide to the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs.

Broadcast fortnightly, the show will also bring you all of the latest in dog health, puppy and foster caring, interviews with experts and more.

On the latest edition, Cam is joined by Kellie Gieson for a chat about what it’s like be a SED breeder carer.

Kellie and her family have been caring for Enrico, one of SED’s valuable breeding dogs.

“We’ve been caring for Seeing Eye Dogs for three years we started out as temporary carers, then we had a puppy, then temporary cared and then we came across Enrico,” Kellie said

“We got him the week before he turned one, had been with his puppy carer but got to the stage where the testosterone and kicked in and he was a bit strong for the lady he was with and he came over to us,” she said.

Caring for breeding dogs is a little different than being a carer for a SED puppy or dog in training, which Kellie discusses.

"He comes out for dinner with us. he does all the sorts of things that you would do with Seeing Eye Dog in training,” she said.

“We obviously don’t have to do that that strict training side of things like when the puppies are learning because he’s already got the socialisation side of things.”

Interested in being a breeder carer? All the information you need is on our website.

You can listen to or download the latest edition of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show here, or on the player below: