A puppy’s journey!

16 October 2018

A puppy’s training from birth to 16 weeks is a vital part of their development and socialisation.

Thank you for supporting the care and training of puppies. Check out the puppy journey video and the story below.

A puppy’s journey!

1. Pregnant mums are monitored every day - their appetite, temperature, general behaviour and even their toileting routine must be recorded leading up to their due date.  They receive a daily ultrasound to check if the unborn pups are healthy.

Photo of SED staff member visiting Lina and her pups

2. Sometimes there are as many as 50 pups at the Puppy Centre. That’s a lot of gorgeous puppies curious to explore their surroundings. With the right care and training, every pup has the potential to change someone’s life. A donation of only $30 can help provide general veterinarian examinations for pups joining the program.

3. At three weeks of age, the pups begin to receive more specific training to help build confidence. By four weeks, each pup is partnered with a staff member to further develop their socialisation skills.

LIna 8.jpg

4. Early socialisation and training bring out the best in pups so they can begin their journey to become a Seeing Eye Dog and be matched with someone who needs their help.

There is a long list of people waiting to be matched to a Seeing Eye Dog and with each pup costing around $50,000 to care for and train, we need to find the funds to help cover the costs for our newest litters.

5. At eight weeks of age, puppies go to live with a volunteer puppy carer. Carers are important because they ensure the pups are looked after and given the right amount of socialisation and love so that when the time comes, they can start their formal Seeing Eye Dog training.

Seeing Eye Dogs’ world-class specialists have helped create the potential and character in these little puppies. Will you help towards the care and training that will do the rest of the job?