Celebrating International Guide Dog Day with our animal welfare strategy

24 April 2023

Wednesday April 26 is International Guide Dog Day, a day in which we celebrate not only our incredible dogs making impacts every day in the lives of our clients, but also the clients themselves, our amazing staff and wonderful volunteer force.


At Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs we take a person-centered approach in how we support people who are blind or have low vision.

Likewise, we adopt a ‘dog-centered’ approach towards our Seeing Eye Dogs in how we care for them, from birth through to retirement.

We provide the highest level of care to ensure our dogs live happy and healthy lives, so they can support people who are blind or have low vision live the life they choose.

The video below goes into detail about the three cornerstones of our animal welfare strategy.

[Video description: The video features Seeing Eye Dogs staff Abi and Kylie speaking in one of our veterinary rooms. Dr. Nicola's voice is recorded and played over footage of two dogs getting a health check].

Three guiding principles

The Seeing Eye Dogs animal welfare strategy follows the three guiding principles of choicecare, and connection.


We are committed to all our dogs having a sense of choice and control in their lives, and opportunities to take part in interesting and enjoyable activities. Read more about choice.


We are committed to all our dogs receiving the highest level of care regarding their nutrition, health, and environment. Read more about care.


We are committed to our dogs achieving meaningful connections and relationships with all people who provide them with care. Read more about connection.


If you would like to learn more about our animal welfare strategy, please click here.

We wish you all a happy International Guide Dog Day!