Puppy development trainer Lina joins the Seeing Eye Dogs Show

31 August 2022

The Seeing Eye Dogs Show is Vision Australia Radio’s peek into the behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs HQ in Kensington.

Host Harriet Moffat recently spoke with Seeing Eye Dogs puppy development trainer Lina Xi.

Lina won the 2022 Puppy Games with Seeing Eye Dog puppy Rani.

Lina hasn’t been a Puppy Development Trainer for long – in fact, she’s still in training - but she’s been involved with Seeing Eye Dogs for eight years.

Prior to her current role, she was a puppy attendant, caring for and socialising newborn puppies in Seeing Eye Dogs’ Puppy Centre.

“It was a really easy transition for me,” Lina explained.

As a puppy development trainer, part of Lina’s job is to teach puppies to stay focused, and to avoid distractions like food, people, and other dogs.

It was training like this that ensured Lina and Rani’s victory in this year’s Puppy Games.

To learn more about their participation, or about Lina’s role at Seeing Eye Dogs, listen to the Seeing Eye Dogs Show on Omny or on the player below: