Camping, caravanning and fishing – it’s all paw-ssible!

15 July 2021

With Ebony, I can explore new places with confidence

Damian, known to his mates as Damo, didn’t realise he was blind growing up. He did all the same things as his brother. It was only when he started school that the other kids asked questions. He went home and asked his parents, who told him he was born with low vision.

In fact, Damo was diagnosed as legally blind.

In the years since, Damo has been living his best life, thanks to his determined spirit and his Seeing Eye Dogs.

‘With Ebony, I have the confidence to go to places and to explore new areas,’ says Damo.

Damo loves cooking and travelling, and together they have travelled all around Australia. He also loves camping, caravanning and fishing with his family. Ebony loves camping just as much as Damo!

‘Each Christmas the family go to their favourite camping spot and Ebony knows our caravan and all the local shops, and she loves swimming in the water,’ says Damo.

‘I wouldn’t be confident to do a lot of what I do without Ebony. In particular, work and personal travel. Travelling in an unfamiliar environment can be difficult, and it’s so much easier with a Seeing Eye Dog.’

Ebony is Damo’s third Seeing Eye Dog, after his beautiful and smart labrador, Elmo, followed by Labrador Golden Retriever cross, Zupps, who retired in 2016.

Damo is an Access Technology Manager, and helps people who are blind or have low vision use technology to help with work, education, travel and leisure so they can live the life they choose.


Damo sits beside Seeing Eye Dog, Ebony