Freedom and safety – how SED Harlow opened up the world for Leah

23 June 2020

Leah had a long wait before she was finally matched with her Seeing Eye Dog Harlow, but now her life is transformed.

As a university lecturer and PhD student, Leah needs to navigate public transport and busy campuses. She has low vision due to an eye condition she’s had since birth.

Leah says the wait was worthwhile, as Harlow is her perfect match.
‘When I finally met Harlow I thought it was amazing how much the trainers had listened and how well matched we were,’ says Leah.

‘Everything I said about my situation was taken into account: the fact that I take public transport, that I move a lot between urban
and regional areas, and the way I interact with a large number of people every day in my work.’

Seeing Eye Dog Harlow has helped Leah become more confident than ever.

‘I now take everything in my stride, even the situations which used to hold me back.

‘I’m a lot less stressed about going to new places or places on my own.

‘Harlow has given me the confidence to go anywhere I want.

‘I’m so grateful to all the kind people who helped raise and train Harlow!’