Celebrating the unsung heroes of Seeing Eye Dogs for National Volunteer Week 2020: Part Three

22 May 2020

National Volunteer Week 2020 is drawing to a close, but we still have one volunteer we’d love for you to meet. Her name is Louise and she is one of the pivotal members involved in our pamphlet drop team. She helps to makes sure our messaging reaches as many potential carers as possible.

“I kind of joined the team in a different way. I was looking for volunteer work in general, any type that would fit in with working full time. Something that wasn’t requiring me to do it during the work week” she says.

“This was the first one that fit in with my schedule, and I was already aware of Seeing Eye Dogs as an organisation. I knew their work and knew I’d be proud to work here.”

That may be why she initially joined, but now with two years under her belt with us at Seeing Eye Dogs, what has kept Louise around this long?

“After being involved with the pamphlet delivery, I’d done some ad-hoc volunteering for puppy carer events. Seeing the clients with their Seeing Eye Dogs, I felt, in a way, knowing that my fliers could help connect a dog with a client led me to thinking that I could be contributing to that relationship.”

Louise stands smiling next to a Seeing Eye Dogs team member.
Louise stands smiling next to a Seeing Eye Dogs team member.

When asked about what advice she has for people who are looking into volunteering but aren’t quite sure where to start, Louise had this to say.

“I’d say to make the call to the organisations you’re looking to volunteer with. When it comes to contributing to communities, you can make connections with the volunteer community in general. They’re all lovely and kind. Even if the work is independent you still get to meet a lot of good people on the job, not just volunteering itself.”

“I was really looking for a way to contribute to the community, contributing my free time that I have, trying to be a better citizen, and I’ve found the one that works for me.”

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