The "A" team go for gold!

21 March 2019

Alison had just turned 18 when she lost her sight in a shocking workplace accident. Today, with the help of an expertly trained Seeing Eye Dog named Ashton, she has her life back on track.

Alison and Ashton bonded so well that they are known as "The A Team" and have gone from strength to strength since being matched.

Alison says, "We grow closer every day; we take everything in our stride and overcome challenges as a team."

Having Ashton in her life has gifted Alison a world of new opportunities. With the increased mobility and confidence Ashton has given her, Alison is pursuing her dreams of working in the health sector and is now studying a Diploma of Health Science at Griffith University.

"There have been many challenges in navigating a new area, but Ashton has taken all of it in his stride. It has been a big learning curve for both of us. But we face the challenges and unknowns together as one," Alison said.

Last year, Alison and Ashton had the honour of being Baton Bearers in the Queen's Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Their moment in the spotlight was one they'll never forget.

Of the special day, Alison says: "The feeling was phenomenal. It was an adrenaline rush for the both of us. Ashton was as excited as I was. He strutted his stuff in front of the crowd and cameras. I will forever cherish that once-in-a lifetime experience. Having my best mate Ashton sharing that moment with me was very special."

Alison has nothing but the highest praise for Ashton who changed her life. "Ashton is a real character with a massive heart, he makes me chuckle. He loves to relax, work hard and play hard. It seems as though nothing is too big or too small for him. He is up for anything."

Without people like you, Alison wouldn't have Ashton, so she wanted to pass on this message to Seeing Eye Dogs supporters:

"Thank you so very much. Your support is undeniably amazing. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for getting my life back by giving me my mate, Seeing Eye Dog Ashton."