Great success at our roadshow Kensington

04 December 2013

Vision Australia in Kensington Victoria held an informative day for clients, staff and volunteers about the work of Seeing Eye Dogs. 

Ian our Senior Instructor, along with Daniel, one of our Trainers, answered questions, provided information and facilitated discussion around the intricate process in training our intelligent and intuitive Seeing Eye Dogs.

There are three main stages of our dogs' life. The first 12 to 14 months of the puppy's life is spent with a volunteer puppy carer, where they are socialized and exposed to all environments of day to day life. 

Seeing Eye Dog in training, Quaridra, standing in harnessAfter 14 months the dog comes into the Seeing Eye Dogs facilities for formal training. After 20 weeks of the training the dog is introduced to our instructors, who then work with both the dog and the client.

If you or someone you know would like more information about applying for a Seeing Eye Dog, visit our Information for future clients page, or contact us on 1800 03 77 73.

The next SED Roadshow hits Maroochydore Tuesday 10 December.