So much potential

Right now, Seeing Eye Dogs is experiencing a puppy bonanza!

Being full to the brim with puppies may not seem the biggest problem in the world, but with more pups on the way it does pose a challenge.

And it’s not our only one. There is a waitlist of people needing a Seeing Eye Dog and with each pup costing around $50,000 to care for and train, we need to find the funds to help cover the costs for our newest litters.

3 young pups peering through a door frame

Henry, Hadley, Harriet and their eight little brothers and sisters are mum Flick’s perfect pups. And one day may go on to become Seeing Eye Dogs and change the lives of people who are blind or have low vision.

$50,000 sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider that a person who is blind or has low vision may one day trust a pup like Henry with their safety, you’ll understand why we need to put so much work into their care and training.

Please donate $35 or a very generous $50 today, and help a puppy like Henry begin his journey to become a Seeing Eye Dog to help people who are blind or have a low vision?

Young golden puppy, Henry, resting his head on a toy.

To graduate as a Seeing Eye Dog, pups must learn to perform difficult tasks like finding their human a seat on the bus or train, changing a walking route if there’s danger, avoiding overhead obstacles or locating specific items in the supermarket.

Seeing Eye Dogs have to be able to deal with crowds, stress and loud noises and remain focussed on their job at all times while in harness. They will be expected to ignore tempting distractions – such as other dogs, food and other interesting smells.

If we can get these great little puppies trained up as Seeing Eye Dogs, they could one day go on and change the lives of Australians in the most amazing ways.

Seeing Eye Dogs’ world-class breeding program has helped create the potential and character in these little puppies. Will you please help towards the care and training that will do the rest of the job?