Our ambassadors and patrons

SEDA Ambassador

Jess Gallagher smiling and holding a Seeing Eye Dog puppy in front of Vision Australia poster in background.

Jessica Gallagher

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is an organisation that is close to my heart.

As a vision impaired Paralympian, I understand the challenges of navigating your way through life with limited vision. The gift of a seeing eye dog can change someone’s life, giving them confidence to go to places they otherwise would have avoided and a furry best friend to share their everyday experiences with. 

I am honoured to support the wonderful team at SEDA – they change people’s lives every day.

SEDA Patrons

Nadia Bartel

Portrait photo of Nadia smilingAs a dog lover, I am thrilled to support Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and have long admired the amazing work they do. They run solely off the support and generosity of the community to breed and train these loveable puppies into qualified seeing eye dogs, who then go on to change the life of someone who is blind or has low vision.

With a 2 year wait list for a seeing eye dog, it is important to be aware and support the wonderful work the team at SEDA provide to our community.

Rebecca Maddern

Portrait photo of Rebecca smilingI am proud to be a Seeing Eye Dogs Australia patron and help support the hard work of this fantastic organisation. They breed, train and match each seeing eye dog to a client at no cost to help people who are blind or have low vision have confidence with navigating their way through life. I admire the amazing efforts of the puppy carers who raise these cute puppies for the first year and give their time and love up so selflessly to help others.

This is a wonderful charity doing wonderful things for Australians and I am proud to champion this cause.

Portrait photo of Emma

Emma Notarfrancesco

I have admired SEDA for a long time and I feel very privileged to be a patron for such a wonderful organisation.

SEDA provides valuable support for so many people Australia wide. With sight issues on the rise, we need organisations such as SEDA to flourish so they can continue to give independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

Jenna Rosenow

Photo of Jenna with a golden labrador puppy on either side of herAs a dog lover and someone who is passionate about helping others, I am honoured to be a SEDA patron. I admire everyone involved in the wonderful work of SEDA. They provide amazing support for people who are blind or have low vision to help them gain independence and confidence.

I believe it's also important to raise awareness to the fact that SEDA run solely on the support of donors and volunteers and do not receive any government funding.