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Meet (Duke)

“Hi, I am Duke. I dont quite have the confidence to become a working dog but I am really looking forward to finding my forever people"

Yellow lab sitting on outdoor deck in the sunshine
Yellow lab sitting on outdoor deck in the sunshine


Location: Kensington, VIC

Age: 16 months

Breed: Labrador

Sex: Male- desexed

Lived with kids aged 5-12: Yes 

Lived with cats: No

Lived with dogs: Yes 

Special requirements?: 

Home behaviour: Good

Adoption fee: $3000

About Duke

Meet Duke, a lovable and energetic young dog ready for his forever home! Duke has been on an incredible journey over the past 10 months, showing remarkable growth and development. He has a strong willingness to work, walks nicely on a lead, and is calm and patient in the house.

Where I grew up

Duke was raised in a lively inner-city suburb home with a double-storey house. He lived with an adult female, an 8-year-old boy, and a friendly Labrador. Duke it used to an active and frequently changing household.

A good fit for me is...

Duke would thrive in an active family that enjoys a bustling environment. He needs a home where he can continue to grow and learn, with people who understand his need for both mental and physical activities. An inner-city suburb with a house would be an ideal setting for Duke.

My personality traits

Duke is a calm and settled dog, especially in an office setting where he behaves impeccably. He is comfortable being tethered and can settle or sleep during crate time for 1-2 hours. While Duke occasionally needs intervention for dog distractions and sometimes loses focus around cats, he quickly regains his composure. His greatest challenges are dog distractions, excitement around people, and recall, but his willingness to work and calm demeanor in the house make him a fantastic companion.


Duke attends an office environment with his carer and is calm and settled, confined to a tether.
Duke spends 1-2 hours in the crate during the day and settles or sleeps comfortably.

Equipment Use for Walks

- Flat Collar

- Head Collar

Crate use:

Duke generally sleeps on a dog bed but sometimes sleeps in the crate.

Duke’s greatest Strengths

- Walking nicely on the lead

- Calm in the house (patience)

- Willingness to work

Duke’s areas to develop:

- Dog distraction

- Excitement around people

- Recall

Duke tends to jump on visitors and occasionally gets on the couch during zoomies, but he doesn't do so deliberately.
Duke can become vocal when he needs support or attention from his humans. Generally this happens when Duke has reached his limit in hid dog guide training and would be much less of an issue as a pet dog.

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