A second chance at life

Christmas is often a time when we talk about miracles, hopes and dreams. Meet Colleen, who has an incredible story to share with all of us.


At the age of 52, Colleen, whose type one diabetes had damaged her heart, needed a heart transplant. But it didn’t go as planned. Most people who have this surgery wake up after two days, so you can imagine how worried Colleen’s three sons and her husband were when she didn’t.


The doctors were worried, too!


After four days on life support, hope had all but run out for Colleen. And then, miraculously, her heart started beating again.


But when she awoke, Colleen couldn’t see. Colleen had been given a second chance at life, but now she was blind.


Can you imagine what that must be like?  Colleen was devastated. 


Colleen told me:

‘When I woke up, they asked me if there was any pain, and I told them I couldn’t see’.


A few days became weeks, and a year after her surgery Colleen finally had to accept that her eyesight was never coming back.

Colleen had survived a heart transplant but after the trauma of losing her sight she said ‘I had to get on board and get my life back - get back to normality, I didn't want my husband or my kids’ lives to change because of what happened to me.’


Colleen applied for a Seeing Eye Dog and fortunately was matched with an incredible dog, Xian. Colleen says:


‘She’s great. A Seeing Eye Dog becomes your best friend and companion. She helped me regain my independence by getting me back out into society again.


Colleen and Xian


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